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How it works?

How it works



  • DICOM communicationYou will easily connect with the PACS archive – DICOM communication.
  • clear archiveThe program will create for you a clear archive of test results for any number of radiological devices – no more thousands of paper forms, now everything is on your computer.
  • automatically analyzeThe program will quickly and automatically analyze for you test images of our phantoms taken directly from PACS or from a file (including a graphic one, e.g. from a film scanner).
  • automatic analysisWhen automatic image analysis is not enough for you, the program will provide you with numerous useful analytical tools integrated in a fully functional DICOM viewer, e.g. SNR or MTF measurement.
  • non-medican screensYou can assess tests on standard non-medical screens, it is not necessary to use diagnostic workstations.
  • single glanceAt a single glance you will see which test has not been passed and why.

Other features:

  • defining the range of conducted tests for each device individually;
  • defining the criteria for the approval of test results;
  • printing reports;
  • easy and intuitive user interface;
  • automatic software updating via the Internet;
  • low costs of purchase, plugings are added free of charge to every purchased phantom.

Currently supported languages:

english polish spanish japanese russian

In preparation:

german chinese


Pro-Control means:

Pro Control is #1Pro Control is #2Pro Control is #3Pro Control is #4Pro Control is #5Pro Control is #6


Film Pro-ProjectScreen Pro-FluoScreen Pro-Mam GoldScreen TestScreen Test BrowserPro-Control Pro-CT examplePro-Control Pro-MAM Gold batch analysisWalkthrough Pro-Control Pro-Control analiza fantomu Pro-DigiMAM


Without a license file, the program will act as a time and functionally limited demo version.

Even more efficient version 2.0 is coming soon


1 Secure

Your configuration, reports and other data are always safe and accessible worldwide in our cloud - there is not danger of loosing them because of computer failure.

2 Synchro

Your configuration, reports and other data can be synched and shared across all your installations - thanks to this you can check the status of diagnostic devices in all your remote locations from your local computer.

3 Synchro QAC

Test results and reports can be synchronized and accessed worldwide with’s web interface with each device that has a web browser.


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